Rest and Restore Retreat
Embrace holistic ways to sleep better and get rid of headaches

Headaches root in various different causes. Common headaches are triggered by various aspects of food, odors, irregularity, etc, and may last for hours or days. One sided throbbing headache, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, nausea and tension-type headaches are the most typical ones and tend to be less severe than migraines. They are associated with stress, muscle fatigue—feeling like a pulling, squeezing headache on both sides of the head with a “band-like feeling” across the forehead, temples and the back of the head. Sinus headaches are also quite common due to the food intolerances in many people. Nevertheless the technology anchors people, which is unavoidable these days. One becomes helpless and one of the consequences seen is the issue of headaches.

Our personal trainers and health specialists will personalize the treatments and correct your lifestyle. They help you understand and eliminate the root cause in a healthy and sustainable manner. It requires patience and commitment. There are emotional aspects of headache that are also dealt with during the retreat.

To maximize the benefits of your time with an integrated health approach we offer specific treatments like, personalized Ayurvedic body and head therapies, breathing techniques, abdominal organ detox massage, along with Jal neti sessions. Finally to encourage continuum of the healthy lifestyle we believe education is an effective tool. Therefore, you will also learn the dinacharya (daily routine) and how to keep our lifestyle attuned to the natural biological rhythm to keep ourselves free of imbalance.

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