A True Beauty Experience
Secret to true beauty

Shubhangam karanam sundaram - It simply means “True beauty involves the transformation of body and mind to the most auspicious level”. The source of authentic beauty is not chasing an ideal beauty; rather it entails a personal process of allowing an ongoing natural inclination to care for physical body and a commitment to living a balanced life.
Skin is a barometer for an individual’s health. Any topical application is ingested, digested, assimilated and eliminated just like the food. A definite relationship between skin and brain is revealed by the fact that, if one is upset, the skin gets sensitive and when happy, a nice glow is seen.

Listen to your body and nurture your skin to connect with the self. We provide a great selection of well-being activities and natural beauty wellness to promote healthy skin from the inside out. Sweat therapies such as Thai boxing class, resort boot camp, or an evening steam bath together with the herbal skin exfoliation is recommended to eliminate wastes and better-rest during your holiday.

Let our wellness specialists create your personalized skin recipe with the priced at THB1,500 for 30 minutes skin exfoliation.