Natural Dye - Way for Sustainable and Green Living
Our fantastic planet nurtures the sheer variety of life, animals, birds, plants, insects and microbes. But the exploitation of earth’s resources have caused pollutions and damaged the balance in the ecosystem. For instance, the residuals from textile dyeing process are the most toxic products that filter into our oceans and consume excess water which cannot be recycled into the earth. Whereas natural dyeing is a huge step in mitigating toxins in water that turns out to be reusable.

Using plants and minerals for natural dying is an age old process and a great alternative over the chemical dyes. The herbs and plants that grow abundantly in our ecosystem do not cause any contamination of water. Learning about the color giving plants and how to use them to dye our clothes builds the connection and appreciation to where the color comes from. Special local ingredients such as sappan wood, butterfly pea flowers and many others have both medicinal and ornamental properties.

Raising awareness about environmental disparity and conscious living will together contribute in sustaining the balance. Our specialists urge you to participate in a 60 minutes workshop “DIY – Natural Tie Dye” that promotes sustainable and green living practice.

Priced at THB 2,000 per session