Meridian Therapy
Meridians are the basis of several forms of natural therapies from acupuncture to acupressure. They form our energy pathways that nourish and sustain us from the physical to the subtle levels. Meridians also link us to our environment where we are constantly exchanging energy in several forms, which sometimes create a blockage or overflow in the meridians.

The meridian system allows us to understand why many disease symptoms appear in certain body parts when the originating cause is a weak or inflamed organ in another location. Diseases of the ear, migraine and hip problems can now be seen energy-wise to be associated with the gall bladder. Arthritis of the hip, therefore, is often a gall bladder problem, while arthritis of the shoulders may have its cause in the intestines.

According to Chinese traditions, the main organs and their meridians are also associated with different emotions. An excessive amount of these emotions can damage the associated organs, while a disease of these organs may, in time, lead to excessive displays of these emotions. Anger is associated with the liver; fright with the heart; worry and emotional tension with the spleen and pancreas; grief with the lungs; and fear with weak kidneys.

We check the alarm points of the meridians and through the Meridian Therapy; imbalances are recognized and corrected leading to a revival of our entire system.

To reserve the Meridian therapy session which lasts for 80 minutes priced at THB 4,500*, please contact The Dheva Spa and Wellness Centre on extension 8983/ 8987, or email us at