We are What We Eat
Reading the template of Well Living

We’re not just what we eat, but what we drink, breathe, see, hear, taste, touch, experience and ultimately digest. We ingest from every field of perception, mode of intellect, wants and desires that impact our physiology and become a part of our core being.

By paying attention to our actions and making the right kind of efforts, we can change the frequently heard laments of low energy, digestive disorders, insomnia, headaches, allergies, anxiety and burn-out. The infinitely intelligent body’s core premise is to heal. Healing comes from tuning into ourselves and nature.

Listening to our body’s constant cues, attending to happenings in and around us puts us back in sync with the rhythms of nature. Eating less, fasting or juicing for a short period aids our digestive system to rest and get rid of any accumulated ingestions of impurities. Even by eating fresh food, being active and leading healthy lifestyles, one may not experience optimal health due to weak “Fire in the Belly”. Thus restoring health must originate with a focus on Metabolism, an amazing alchemical act of nourishing ourselves.